Tak perlu mengharapkan teman sekacak yusuf..
Jika cinta xseteguh zulaikha..
Usah impiankn teman sebaik muhammad..
Jika iman xsekuat khadijah...
Tak perlu mencari teman setaat ibrahim..
jika diri x segagah siti hajar...

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Have you ever listened the word "WIKISPACES" before? Or something that related to it? Actually, the word is not familiar compare to the other words like "wikipedia" n "wikileaks".

Actually the word "wikispace" exposes during my first class for this semester. How thankful to the lectures who is giving a lot of latest medium for us to discuss our ideas easily.

Step 1:  Easy sign up !! just fill the account below and join.

Step 2: After you already have your own account then start to sign in!!  
step 3: Discover your own wiki! 
You can share, discuss or collect the data with this creative medium. 

Enjoy wikispaces right now!!!

group zaim n the geng !!!

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